We combine the latest in technology and technological know-how to develop dynamic courtroom presentations.  From trial strategy, graphics, and technology to customized solutions, our trial support services can help you engage and persuade the most discerning judges and juries.


Litigation Strategy
• Case Strategy
• Jury Selection
• Witness Preparation
• Focus Groups & Mock Trials
Demonstrative Evidence
• PowerPoint Openings and Closings
• Graphics and Animations
• Independent Medical Examinations
• Day-in-the-Life Videos
• Accident Reconstructions and Site Surveys
Trial Technology
• Trial Technologists
• Realtime Transcriptionists
• Trial Database Development
• Courtroom Setup & Equipment Rental
• War Rooms
Audio/Video Technology
• Video Settlement Documentaries
• Media Services
• Video Transcript Synchronization
• Remote Videoconferencing
Legal Video Services
• Expert Witness
• Perpetuation Testimony
• Out-of-state Witnesses
• Picture-in-picture
• Witness Preparation
Trial Presentation